I work for the strongest brand among top-level domains in Europe

I work for .SE – Europe’s strongest brand among top-level domains, according to the survey by the EU under contract EURid (the European Registry of Internet Domain Names) conducted earlier this summer. The comparative TLDs are .se, .cz, .de, .com, .dk, .co.uk, .be, .pl, .es, .it, .fr, .org, .net, .eu, .info and .biz.
The report shows that that .SE is the strongest brand among the compared TLDs (Click the image)

In short, the report look up brand strength based on the awareness, relevance and preference.
All three have a maximum of 100% which means that the maximum value you can get is 300.
.SE has almost 100% of awareness, almost 90% of relevance (the highest in Europe) and 49% preference for .SE (compared for example 34% .com in Sweden).

It gives .SE a total of 234 points of maximum 300.

In conclusion it may be deduced:
”Everybody” knows of .se (awareness), almost everyone think it is relevant for companies to use .se in Sweden (relevance) and there is a stronger preference to use .se instead of .com in Sweden (compared to other countries in Europe).

For more information, visit. SE’s press release:


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  • John McCormac , söndag 22 augusti 2010 @ 20:35

    It is very hard to trust any of Eurid’s propaganda without first verifying it. The ccTLDs are all far stronger and more recognised because they represent their own markets. If you break the .eu figures down on a country by country level, the importance of .eu in those markets drops to less than 10% of the domain footprints in some EU countries. The most popular domain order in most EU countries is ccTLD/COM/NET(ORG/EU)/INFO/BIZ/MOBI. Registrants in EU countries will opt for a domain in their own ccTLD first. The key to the strength of any ccTLD is how the domains are used. The more ccTLD domains that are used as the primary website by their registrants, the stronger that ccTLD brand is compared to other TLDs in that country. And .SE seems to be a very strong ccTLD.

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