We are now more than 2 billion internet users!

We are now more than 2 billion internet users!

So here we go again.. and I realize that I must have missed a quarterly report since my last post on the subject.
https://www.internetsweden.se/en-miljard-attahundratva-miljoner/ (Swedish)

I then wrote of a Internet penetration of 26.6% (1 80 233 0457, 4Q 2009) globally.

The figures have now been released for the first six months in 2010 and the increase for the first half of 2010 is 164 184 359 to the staggering 1 966 514 816 which is an Internet penetration of 28.7% of the world population.

But it is extremely interesting to look at the figures in smaller units, in the same way as I´ve done earlier, to show that everything is ticking a bit faster now.

So we look at the first half of the year, which was 181 days.

We divide the number of days with the growth and we get a sum of 907 095 new internet users every day during the first half globally.

That makes appr. 37 795 new users per hour or 630 per minute, or 10.5 new users per second.

Let us compare with my earlier post in April 2010:

Internet users in Q4 2009 has increased to 1 802 330 457, which leads to a Internet penetration of 26.6% globally.
It makes a growth of 68 336 716 over the last quarter of 2009, or to be precise in 92 days, which in turn leads to an increase of 742 790 per day or 30 950 per hours or 516 per minute or 8.6 each second ..

We can also see that there now are appr. 2 more persons each second that is introduced to the internet = 10,5 each second..

But since it passed 43 days after the last figures was measured, we can now be pretty sure of that ”We are now a bit over 2 billion Internet users!”

1 966 514 816 + 39 005 085 (907 095 * 43) = 2 005 519 901 internet users

SOURCE: http://internetworldstats.com/stats.htm

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