Varning för Kadaffi-relaterade ”nigeriabrev”

De senaste åren har ”nigeriabedragare” (419-scams) utnyttjat större händelser i vår omvärld som jordbävningen på Haiti, Tsunamin i Japan, Michael Jacksons död mfl. och nu senast också en ny variant av de gamla beprövade ”nigeriabreven” med referens till Gadaffis död.

Muammar Gaddafi (al-Gaddafi, Qadhdhafi, Khaddafi, Khadaffi, Kaddafi eller Qaddafi) – som var Libyens ledare i 42 år dödades den 20 oktober 2011 i Sirte.

Och redan den 22:a oktober får min uppgiftslämnare nedan e-mail
Engelskan är exceptionellt dålig med stavfel, blandning av versaler och gemener och allmänt – även för att vara ett sk ”nigeriabrev”, men ”pitchen” är alltså helt ny och mottagaren utlovas 20% av 13 500 000 Euro (ca 123 000 000 SEK) alltså knappt 25 miljoner till mottagaren av mailet..

Från: Mohamed Bello []
Skickat: den 22 oktober 2011 12:44


I am in receiving of your letter and I also thank you for the prov id news about the property. Am sorry I can’t phone you at moment because on the nature of security here in my country Libya but I would make time and phone you on secure line if the need come. The property is just a small reason of contact you but I will buy at your price. I will want, if you will reserve the property for at two weeks and remove the car. My main reason of letter you is to propose a deal that need immediate and fast finish.

I am a Libyan industry and member of Libyan protocols council In Tripoli. Our president muammar AL-Gaddafi is death, base on the support I gave to Mr. president. My family and I are great danger under the threat of opposition Government in Libya.

Due to that many families that are involve with Mr. president have to run and run for their lives. I want to bring to your notice that I have in my possession the sum of (thirteen million five hundred thousand euro)€ 13,500,000 in my possession. This is the money I got from Government in Libya.

I have safe this money in a box and have send a diplomat here in Tripoli who will help me in the delivery of the box to your country for safe and possible invest This is why am in need of a good and Trust person who will receiving the box, secure and protect it till my arrive soon your country. I have to take decision this because, I have no other alternative but to trust somebody .I orphan no brother no sister so I can not risk life here to avoid an end to my family.All have is my wife, my daughter and son. They need good good life since I want them grow up in peace environment. I will move to your country with family and investment the money in accord with law, your advice and assisting. We work together and achieve better future for our families. Please you have to take note the diplomat not know the content my box for security reasons.

All I ask is allow me registering the consignment your name as family wealth and you are expect to receive it’s in your country. There will be Ins ha Allah no risk in this deal; I have the necessary arrangement made the safe delivery of the consignment box to you preferring location. I will think you are able of handling a deal of this power and also trust you to keep good secret and silent to protect this agreement. In less 4 days the box should be your possess if you are good on your part .look, I taken suffer to secure the money. The box is safe with number and am the person that knows the good combination to open. I will to you 20% of the money and 80% for me. I know this is good.

Mohamed bello

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you address ………………………… ………
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Varje gång jag skriver om nigeriabrev i olika former, så brukar jag påpeka att dessa härstammar från ”åtminstone” tidigt 1800-tal, Så det är inget unikt med Internet, utan har lurat godtrogna i flera generationer.

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