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About a week ago when .se were heading towards 900 000 registered domains, I thought I’d take a look on how .se is growing, compared to other TLDs.

Those I found interesting to compare the .se-TLD with, (either because of the internet penetration, population or domain penetration per Internet users)
– I have colored those TLDs blue.



Of all TLDs, I have got hold of statistics of 90 – of course there are many many more, but I dont find the others so very important for my study.

 From all available TLDs at IANA, I checked the TLDs to see which I could get usable statistics (in various forms).
Then I used and to control populations.
And with those numbers, I first made a column that shows the domain per capita.

But I wanted to go one step further and used to determine the number of internet users per country.
With this, I was able get the internet penetration in each country, but what I thought was more interesting was to see the domain penetration per Internet user in each country.

It gives me a better picture of potential growth for ccTLDs (as for now) and I wanted to get this checkpoint before ICANN releases the new TLDs – so I have something to compare at a later point.

Anyone who study the figures will find many interesting facts – Have fun!
Get the study HERE (.pdf) or HERE (.xls)

If you are unsure which ccTLD represent each country – please check this map out (or order a printed version)

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Peter Forsman / Internet Sweden

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  • Magnus , lördag 26 september 2009 @ 6:19

    Interesting that Sweden doesn’t have bigger penetration, comparing it to say Germany where foreigners still can’t buy .de.

  • internetsweden , lördag 26 september 2009 @ 12:22

    @Magnus – Well .se was reformed first in 2003 and .de on the other hand reached 1 million as early as in oct -99 (and what you need to have is ”local presence in Germany – something that many registrars worldwide offers for a small fee).

    The swedish .se is open for anyone (fist come – first served) and since the ”death” of tasting on .com and .net (and of course because .SE have changed business model to Registry-registrar (with EPP)) – .SE have seen a growth of interest both by foreign registrar applications and a remarkable growth of registrations from registrants outside Sweden.

  • Björn , söndag 27 september 2009 @ 22:14

    Impressive! Seems you’ve spent quite a few hours compiling this, very interesting numbers. Now I only lack the possibility to sort it by any column. Maybe you can put it up as an excel file too?

  • internetsweden , måndag 28 september 2009 @ 0:27

    @Björn – hehe yes I can say that the numbers are quite tricky to get (even if you know where to look) so I spent some evenings to get it as right and comparable as I can.

    Bur as I said – I guess we all can tell different things out from it, depending on what we are looking for.
    Anyways I hope it could come in handy for all kind of different studies. So I placed a .xls there as you requested aswell.

  • Magnus , måndag 28 september 2009 @ 7:11

    Just wanted to share a little knowledge, I live in Malta (for a short time more) and when I first arrived i thought I’d look around on Almost everything is available, got myself. You might say that it isn’t so strange, it’s a small backwards country but if you take a look at their main industry here it’s a bit stranger. Maltas
    main industry is IT with lots and lots of Internet companies moving here.

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